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Hatch cover tapes

The function of hatch cover tapes is to protect the metal hatch covers on carriage ships against leakage of water into the carriage area. Extreme weather conditions often damage hatch covers making them prone to leakage which may lead to the damage of goods being shipped.


Mareflex MF 30 Hatch Cover Tape is a self-adhesive heavy duty sealing tape which can protect goods against damage caused by water leakage. MF 30 Tape is a very enduring material and guarantees protection in all weather conditions.


Mareflex MF 30 is composed of a bituminous mass which has the appropriate viscidity and is protected by polypropylene foil from one side and a release liner from the other. The tape is available in 20 meter rolls, 100 and 150mm wide.


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Hatch cover tapes
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Hatch cover tapes


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