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Marine Oils


Lotos Oil is one of the major oil refineries in Europe and supplies hundreds of thousand tons of oil per year reaching the most demanding customers at home and over 80 countries abroad. Our oils and lubricants are synonymous with reliable, high quality and innovative solutions exceeding the most stringent technical standards. We are the LEADER in lubrication technology.


Through our group subsidiaries, we operate a network of some 480 gas stations in Poland. We also produce fuel and bitumen of excellent quality and continue to be a leader in the sale of the most technologically advanced modified bitumen (MODBIT) in the domestic market.

Lubricant selection



        Cylinder lubrication

Marinol RG 10050 /7050 (high-sulphur fuel)

RG  4050 (low-sulphur fuel)


        System oil

Marinol RG 630


        Turning gear and Chain

Gear :Transmil Extra XSP 220 / SP220

Chain : Sulfocal 302


        Fuel valve

Hydromil L-HV 15


        Hydraulic top bracing

Hydromil L-HV 32 / 46


          Motor of Auxiliary blower

Sulfocal 302


          General grease

Sulfocal 302

Marine Oils
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Marine Oils


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